Have a better day while helping others do the same

With Vigilon, you can share happenings, report concerns, and better connect with important things in your life. From an unexpected traffic jam to a long wait at your favorite restaurant - being able to share this type of information can help everyone better manage their day.

A new type of social network

Vigilon is a social network to help people connect to the world in a new way using their mobile phones.Traditional social networks such as Facebook and Twitter are good for sharing things among friends or followers. Yet most of the things that impact a person’s everyday life involve situations outside of traditional social networks from people with no prior relationship to each other.

Free, open, and safe

Vigilon offers a free and open platform for processing situational information generated from communities of users. It enables people to safely contribute information that may be of interest to other people and in exchange receive information that may be of interest to them throughout their day. The exchange of this information enhances situational awareness and enables everyone to have a better day.

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